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Project Description
.NET Code to implement a guild roster for World of Warcraft (WoW). The code is intended for guild management purposes, with an initial implementation for DotNetNuke (DNN). The code allows for downloading (from the WoW Armory database) and storage of information for multiple guilds and multiple characters. For stored characters, it stores basic character demographic information and all stats/reps. Additionally, it allows for association of mains/alts, and tracking back to DNN users.

This module forms the basis of a wide range of upcoming modules, including calendaring and loot tracking.

Guild Roster Features
Current Features (supported on DNN4 and DNN5 with SQL2000, SQL2005, and SQL2008):
  • AJAX user interface for roster (added in v1.3 release!)
  • Support for multiple guilds
  • Support for tracking of main and alts characters
  • Variety of ways to sort/list a guild's roster
    • Display by class or profession
    • Display by level (either all, or within a level range)
    • Display by guild rank
    • Display alphabetically (either all, or within a level range)
  • Ability to track character stats
    • Base character demographic information (race/gender/class)
    • Class spec information (tracks dual specs, tracking point dispersion and overall 'spec label')
    • Profession information
    • Comprehensive stat information
  • Self-contained error tracking/handling
  • CSS-Enabled Presentation of character information
  • Armory Updates Using Scheduling Service
  • DotNetNuke User Interface and DotNetNuke Installation Public Assembly
  • Data load auditing

Planned Features:
  • Ability to generate 'Signature Graphics'

For details on the feature implementation, please refer to the Project Schedule.

The project is organized into several assemblies, and originates from code I had written specifically for my own personal guild site. I decided to take the code open source (and rewrite it) after getting a few requests for the DNN module.

In this incarnation, the business logic is completely self-contained and we provide an assembly per presentation layer. At the moment, my only thoughts are around DotNetNuke (because that is what I use), but others are free to create other UX implementations for this project.

.NET WoW Guild Roster Documentation
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