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Char Skills - Fixed v Flexible

Feb 29, 2008 at 9:15 PM
At the moment, I'm grabbing almost everything under the sun from the WoW Armory stats - base #s, adjusted #s, ranges, etc.

My question is - does anyone use these numbers? Do they add value?

I'm considering moving to a model that tracks just the following:
- Armor
- Resilience
- Core Stats (Strength; Agility; Spirit; Stamina; Int)
- Health
- Mana
- +Healing
- Mana / 5 secs
- Melee Attack Power
- Spell Power
- Spell Critical Hit %
- Crit Strike Chance %

And I'm debating whether to do them as each being a row in a stats table (as it is now), or whether to simply create a stats table with one column per stat, and one row per character.

I'm also thinking of spinning out the reputation data into it's own table, which would make the information more manageable.