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The next level...

Jul 2, 2008 at 10:42 AM
I was just introduced to "Be Imba" today at

I got to thinking that the Guild Roster has all of this information loaded now, so could provide reports with similar functionality.  It shouldn't be too difficult to start with listing level 70 characters that have unenchanted, misenchanted, ungemmed, or low level gear.  The next step would be to suggest enchants and gems for each player's build.  :)
Jul 13, 2008 at 11:38 PM
Definitely doable - it could be fun to pull together to, also.

If someone else is interested in working on this, I'm happy to put in some of the work on it. It would be nice to start moving this past the basic list capabilities, but I'm not really playing WoW any more (at this point, PDC and VS '10' are starting to dominate my time ;-) ...that and I've decided to start learning the guitar).

I've actually been considering fleshing out the 'non-DNN' version of the application using .NET 3.5 (using LINQ, WCF and potentially using WF to do the Armory pulls), since there were some asks for that on here. Adding the auditing capabilities would provide a neat twist to it, but I would really love some additional help on the project, or it might take me another 6 months to implement at a few hours a week. :o
Jul 17, 2008 at 2:00 PM
I would be interested in assisting with this as well, though I can't seem to find the basic source for some reason for the project. Maybe I am blind, anyone point me in the right direction for the source so I can review this and start making suggestions/modifications and post back here?
Jul 18, 2008 at 2:24 AM
Click on the 'Source Code' tab, and just 'download' the latest version.

I even wrote a how to set up your development environment wiki page to help folks get started.
Jul 30, 2008 at 9:37 PM

Okay - I'm getting fired up about adding capabilities to this.

My thoughts on this are as follows - in mid-August, I will revisit the business logic and create an site to surface the guild roster using .NET 3.5.

Plans are as follows:
- Pull Armory information via WCF and LINQ
- Revise the data model to streamline data storage and store/parse more information as XML, rather than the more complicated relational structure
- Move the AJAX data access to use REST services via WCF, rather than ASMX today
- Add in ATOM and RSS for surfacing the rosters
- Potentially create an assembly to store the data in SSDS (SQL Server Data Services - DB in the cloud)
- Potentially create a Silverlight UX for the character

For the ASP.NET application, we'll look at expanding the capabilities past the roster only to do what is being discussed here - doing analysis on character equipment and specs. I will mock up the architecture to implement it (and will do it using WF), but will leave it up to someone else to write up the analysis and suggestions...since I'm not a WoW end-game player.

As I said - I'm not actively playing WoW - and looking at this as an opportunity to explore the .NET 3.5 (and potentially BizTalk services to move/host this in the cloud). If someone wants it to be really usable and more timely, please hop onto the project to keep it a bit more grounded. :D