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A Little Help

Jul 31, 2009 at 8:27 PM


I'd prefer it is people wouldn't read too much into this - then again, its the internet.



I'm currently creating my website using good ol' HTML and CSS - PhP Forum - No CMS. *Gasp* I hear you say - Fear not, It has turned out exactly the way I'd hoped. Simple, Sleak and Easy to use for average Joe - However it has come to a stage where I wish to implement the WoW Roster from this very website.

I'm currently running off of the free web hoster - Zymic - who allow SQL and PhP Admin. To upload the files to my server I use the FTP - Dreamweaver CS4.

My question for which I need help is - Is it possible for me to implement the 'DNW WoW Roster' without creating a 'PA' and 'DNN' etc etc. If there is not - Can someone point out a way for me to do so on my Mac? This would be much appreciated.

Sorry if this has been asked before - or if this topic displeases you.

Thanks in Advance,

Orbis - The technologically challenged

Aug 3, 2009 at 2:17 AM


The project here is completely .NET based code. Because my guild website uses DotNetNuke (DNN), I created a user interface for it using DNN as the user interface (UI). The code here doesn't bind someone to using DNN - but it does require the use of .NET/C#, and would require someone to build up a new UI. Given what all else you're doing, it doesn't sound like you would want to crack open C#/ASP.NET code...and it looks like Zymic's offering is a full LAMP stack, which means you would be challenged running it on that service.

Your best bet is likely to take a look at the various offerings listed on WowWiki around guild rosters ( There is one PHP guild roster that a couple other folks I semi-know have implemented ( that may be of interest to you...and may be a more natural fit to what you're building.

I had gone the route of no CMS for awhile myself, but decided I didn't really want to code a site up from scratch on the weekend and turned to a CMS (call me technologically lazy :)).

Hope this helps!