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Feature Request: Naked Toon Detector

Aug 5, 2009 at 8:49 PM

My GM came up with an interesting feature request that may be easily implementable in WGR, a "naked toon detector".  With the incident of account hacks on the rise, what this feature would do is detect when a toon has been "stripped" and then send an e-mail to a guild officer with a note to check the toon's armory listing to verify the fact and take appropriate action if needed.  It seems that rapidly detecting an account hack is key to getting a quick resolution from Blizzard.  This feature would knock detection time down to whatever we have the armory service scheduler set for plus how often the officer/s check their e-mail.

I don't think the feature would actually need to detect a naked toon, but could just go in and see that each toon is wearing something in say the chest slot. If not, it would generate the e-mail and a human (well, a WoW human) could investigate further.

Whaddya think? (And do you want to keep feeding this animal?)

Aug 7, 2009 at 4:48 AM

That's a really cool idea, actually. Extremely useful.

I know you don't have it set up on your guild site this way, but it could also send an e-mail of the DNN account that the character is linked to.

I guess I would do the following:

  • Have a setting on the guild roster (via control panel) to enable naked toon detection
  • When the character entry is updated, it would check to see if the naked toon detection flag is enabled and if no equipment is present...
    • It would send an e-mail to all DNN accounts set up in the groups marked as 'officer groups' (DNN groups with the ability to edit all chars in the roster)
    • It would send an e-mail to the DNN account linked to that character (if any DNN account is linked)
    • I imagine we would have this only done for characters over a given level (level 20?)

I don't know what the character item data looks like yet, but I could also have it do it if the character is naked or in all grey gear...or if 2/3 equipment is missing.

As for timing and interest in feeding the animal - great question. :) My son was born on Tuesday, so I won't be implementing new features for a bit...and would still love to have someone pick up the project. But I do enjoy getting something out there that other DNN guild sites can use - so it's completely a best-effort job. :)

Aug 10, 2009 at 5:19 PM

Congratulations on the new baby!

I like all of your ideas on the feature. 

  • Using "real" personal info on my site is no prob at all, just didn't have a reason to bother before this.
  • In addition to the tool level restriction, I wonder if it would be worth having an "Exclude From Naked Toon Detection Service" checkbox on each toon on the property sheet where alt/main info is filled in.  The box could be clear by default, but would give admins the option to exclude toons with intentional nudist tendencies. ( Occasionally I log into my wife's toon and leave her naked on the mailbox in Org.  I wouldn't want the GM spoiling the surprise.;)
  • Probably the most important/difficult thing about this would be error trapping.  I wouldn't want to send someone 300 e-mails every 2 hours because the armory download didn't work. Perhaps the approach of sending one e-mail with a list of toons with "hits" would be an easy way to limit the damage from unexpected failure modes.
Aug 13, 2009 at 7:00 PM

Thanks on the grats. :)

The original reason for the "real" personal info was that the original version of the roster was meant as support for a raid sign-up/calendar module I was using on a multi-guild alliance. Now, I use it more to track who is still in the guild and who isn't for DNN account management purposes. :) I use an SQL script to give me the DNN account's 'highest portal role' and map it to the guild rank of their toons...lets me revoke rights when folks leave. This allowed folks to see on the portal 'here are my events and if I'm signed up/waitlisted' back in the MC/BWL days when that was a major point. :)

The 'exclusion flag' is a great idea!

The error trapping could be a bit odd. I can think of about 10-12 overly complicated ways of doing the alert. What I would likely do is e-mail one-offs to the account holders, and then send a summary e-mail to officers/admins. This would be easy enough to do. The only complicating factor is if DNN goes to sleep while the Armory pull is going and everything is yanked out of memory (this is that lovely 'thread is being aborted' error message that will get tossed). This would mean that anything being held for reporting is being tossed also. The other option to this would be to create a holding table in the database to collect accounts to report on, and then clear it out when it is sent/processed...but I don't really want to create a larger schema. Otherwise, I can create a 'flagged with error' column in the character table - and, when the roster is 'done', it generates the reports based on anyone flagged...some schema changes here, but nothing outrageous...but this would also open up the possibility of a larger error flagging system for other purposes.

So, the next big question - timing. :) This is probably a September thing. What I can do is do the item pulling and build this into that build out.