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Silverlight UI

Dec 29, 2009 at 5:51 PM

Hi folks,

Long time no update. I've been really quiet over the last three-four months. I've been enjoying my new little boy, and starting to dig into updating my programming skills to use a lot of the new functionality in .NET. Recently, I've been digging back into WCF and starting to dig about with Silverlight.

In January, I'm going to revisit the guild roster v2 and continue building it up for .NET 3.5 and DNN5+. The major changes will continue to be LINQ on the back-end (as the v2 checked into source control currently is). What is likely to start being new is usage of REST communication via WCF for services, and a Silverlight UI option.

My current thought is to continue to provide a basic UI as it looks today, but to also include a richer Silverlight UI. And using Data Services/RIA services to communicate the roster data from the web server to the web browser (using REST and RSS format).

My question to the current users of the application is: does this sound appealing? What is the general interest in a Silverlight UI (would you use it, would the additional download be a killer in interest)? And if I were to provide the ability to edit data in real time (in the Silverlight UI), what data would you like stored (e.g., officer notes, etc)?