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Installation Information

The releases include DotNetNuke (DNN) Public Assemblies (PAs) that contains all the DLLs, the SQLDataProvider to create the data schema, and the service (which needs to be installed manually).

Requirement for Releases 1.3.0 - 1.4.1 only: You will need to have the 'AjaxControlToolkit.dll' assembly installed in your DNN site (You can download the latest release of the assembly from the AJAX Control Toolkit Project website)
  • I recommend that you download the '' file from the AJAX Control Toolkit Project website)
  • Open up the ZIP file you downloaded, and navigate to the 'SampleWebSite\Bin' directory in the file
  • Grab the 'AjaxControlToolkit.dll' file from that directory, and place into the bin folder of your DNN directory
  • Optionally, you could also grab the localization files that are also in the ZIP's 'SampleWebSite\Bin' directory, but I haven't found them as required yet.

To Install the PA (All Releases)

  • Download the PA from the 'Releases' tab of this website, and install the PA as you would any other PA
PA installation can be accessed via the DNN menu using 'Host' -> 'Module Definitions'.
On the Module Definitions page, scroll down below the list of currently installed modules, and click the 'Install New Module' link.
This will bring you to a standard file upload text box, browse to the downloaded ZIP file (note: use the PA installs available per the CodePlex Releases tab, and not the source code downloads - these have been created to make your life much easier), and click the 'Install New Module' link.
  • If you have prior versions of the WoW Guild Roster installed, it will upgrade the DNN module/DLL

Add the Scheduled Service

  • Navigate to the scheduled service (via 'Host' -> 'Schedule')
  • Click the 'Add Item to Schedule' link
  • Full Class Name and Assembly: 'DotNetWarcraft.WoWGuildRoster.UI.DNN.ArmoryService' (PLEASE NOTE: Do not include the single quotes ('))
  • Schedule Enabled: check the box
  • Time Lapse: every 6 hours
  • Retry Frequency: every 10 minutes
  • Retain schedule history: 10
  • Click 'update'

Configure the Roster:

  • Add the module to your desired page
  • Click the 'Control Panel' link on the roster module
  • Click 'Add New Roster' link
  • Type in your guild's name, server name, and select the region from the drop down
  • Click 'Save Roster' link

Now the roster should refresh when the scheduled service runs. You may want to go back to the Scheduled Services page and uncheck and re-check the 'enabled' checkbox to cause it to fire and start pulling from the Armory.

Now you will notice that the characters should be popping into the database, but they're not showing on the roster. Go to the module's settings page, and - under the 'WoW Guild Roster Settings' section header, check the 'Display on Module' checkbox for the guild(s) you want displayed. You can also pick the type of information you want displayed.


You receive the following error: 'Warning Install aborted - The module being installed requires additional components which are not available in your environment.'
Verify that you have the 'AjaxControlToolkit.dll' assembly installed (You can download the latest release of the assembly from the AJAX Control Toolkit Project website).

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