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WoW Guild Roster Schedule
The schedule for the module has flown so far off-course that it's almost not keeping this page in the wiki. I'm changing it to account for the module plans and direction, as it seems more fitting for a project that is done as a hobby during the weekend - when one could otherwise be grinding reputation or earning gold in game for that epic flying mount.

The project was started in July, 2007 - after a conversation with a couple co-workers around a DNN module I was developing for my guild website. The thought was that there were probably many other guilds out there that were either writing their own, or having to suffer through the code that is only out there for the various php websites. So, we agreed it was probably a good idea to try and package the code I was building and share it out with the community - to help others that were considering using DNN as a guild website platform. The initial goal was a couple months of weekend work to get a usable guild roster out there - have the module finished by October, and then move onto a guild calendar.

After 6-8 weeks into the project, it really became a lot more than what it originally started to be. Many views have been added to the project, stat data is now being captured, and performance became a much larger concern than it had been originally.

- Create CodePlex Project: 7/16/2007
- Design Documents v0.1 Posted: 7/22/2007
- Skeleton Solution File Posted: 7/29/2007
- v0.9.2 code (Initial Beta/Alpha) (DNN module v1.0.0) - 8/26/2007
- v0.9.3 code (CTP) (DNN module v1.0.1) - 9/2/2007
- v0.9.4 code (CTP) (DNN module v1.0.2) - 9/16/2007
- v0.9.5 code (CTP) (DNN module v1.0.3) - 9/23/2007
- v0.9.6 code (CTP) (DNN module v1.0.4) - 11/04/2007
- v1.0.0 code (Beta) (DNN module v1.0.5) - 11/27/2007
- v1.1.2 code (Beta) - 1/17/2008 : Added update panels, sort by levels, and control panel audit reports; VS2008 upgrade
- v1.2.x code (Beta) - 1/27 - 2/26/2008 : Added in-memory data cache to reduce database round-trips for UX rendering
- v1.3.0 code (Beta) - 3/8/2008 : Added JSON web services, AJAX capabilities, and improved mouse-over hovers
- v1.4.1 (Release) - 4/23/2008 : Revised WoW Armory calls to prevent 503 errors and improved some visuals
- v1.5.1 (Release) - 11/30/2008: Added WoLK Expansion Compatibility; adjusted Armory pull to account for changes in Blizzard XML files
- v1.6.3 (Release) - 1/02/2009: Improved display of information, both for lists and character entry; updated armory pulls to properly purge old data and to pull and display arena team information
- v1.7.1 (Release) - 5/02/2009: Primarily made adjustments to Armory pull to account for changes in Blizzard XML files; improved administration and first set-up experience of the module and added localization strings to the character lists
- v1.8.3 (Release) - 7/28/2009: Cleaned up the character display page; added support for dual spec display; cleaned up CSS usage and added additional localization strings

I brought the project 'out of beta' once the client-side performance was brought under control, data was being caching properly, and the data is updating well.

As a general note - I've stated this in many places, but I am interested in someone else picking this up as the primary driver on the project, allowing me to continue to contribute, but not hold it back. I'm not playing WoW as much as I had been, and I now have a baby boy that is demanding my weekend hours. :) That being said, I am continuing to support the community that is using this code, and happy to help others on-ramp and take over the project.

Future roadmap:
- v1.9.x code - potentially add manual data entry options and add generation of signature graphics

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rock7 Feb 2, 2009 at 4:40 PM 
Nice job, along the time,....... u have done so much, i'm glad for your work.

But.... any chance to get this roster working outside the DNN as standalone website ?
having a web.config with all we need to manage (server, guild, timeScheduleUpDate,......)

if any luck with this possibility,.. i'm sure there alot of people will be very happy (like me) ....
thks Luis